Fortune 500 Weighs In On The Cloud

        The Cloud has been a ‘Hot Topic’ consistently now for a few years- and not just for technology geeks! There were early adopters that championed the movement to go Virtual – but this was no small flash in the pan. Cloud adoption from small business owners to large-scale enterprise corporations has grown exponentially in recent years –  there has been a lot of buzz and discussion about the benefits to business.

        We know what the major benefits are by now… right? Cost savings, energy savings, efficiency and scalability.


        In a recent study of CIOs from Fortune 500 companies, the feedback was staggering:

        “Nine out of 10 respondents, for example, say they have received 100% of the savings they expected from their cloud computing projects.  In addition, four out of five say their cloud efforts have helped their organizations achieve some sort of competitive advantage, and two-thirds say cloud has helped their organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.”

        It seems The Cloud has delivered on its promises, and the results are now measurable.

        However, the study also revealed that there is still some lingering concern over security. Despite increased security and fraud countermeasures, some business executives are still hesitant to move mission critical applications into the Cloud.

        This information is extremely valuable to us as a Cloud provider. It means we need to work harder to provide a sense of confidence in our services, and the level of security that we guarantee to our clients. Our team has made prominent upgrades to our monitoring and intrusion detection systems (IDS) to prevent data corruption or attacks. We have also invested in the highest level of data center, a high-tech bunker that is bombproof, disaster proof, outfitted with completely redundant hardware and  24/7 monitoring. We have implemented unique backup storage options that will provide our users with extra server storage space and total control to determine the most comprehensive backup solution. Lastly, we are 100% Canadian (and proud!). That means, we also offer our clients secure data protection under strict Canadian Privacy laws and The Patriot Act.


        We love to hear that the benefits of Cloud Computing are being recognized by industry leaders, and that the demand is soaring for virtual solutions. But we are also dedicated to keeping up with the demand for greater security. Our team is hard at work to guarantee that Cloud security is not an issue down the road, and that the benefits of Virtualization far outweigh any prolonged skepticism.

        Ask Us Today about Cloud security measures – we’d be happy to tell you about Atum’s guarantee!


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