What is Your Hosting Horror Story?

        Most hosting horror stories we hear sound eerily similar to classic narratives we retell around a campfire or at Halloween.

        ‘It was a dark and stormy night and I was going about my business as usual. When out of nowhere… it happened. My host went down without warning.’

        Eek! The horror! The nightmare!

        Edgar Allen Poe couldn’t have told it better. It’s definitely a scary story that has happened far too often to be ignored, or forgotten by burned clients. I bet you shutter just thinking about it… for many, most or even all businesses; downtime is not only frustrating and unacceptable, but financially devastating.

        The reason for downtime is not ‘unexplainable’ there are plenty of excuses…I’ll bet you hear the same ones over and over. In reality there are a few things that will help to guarantee reliable uptime and performance.

        Dedicated Resources – don’t share resources with anyone else, that’s just asking for trouble! Don’t share a gate with your neighbours, get your own locks and security guards… keep your data safe from intruders.

        Data Centre Security – ask where your data is being held… if you could just as safely house it in your mothers basement, move on. Ask about the Tier certification, if the host has a Tier 3 + certification, they have invested in premium storage for your data. We’re talking bombproof, fireproof, weatherproof, 24/7 security.

        Expert Management – if you are a small business or start up, the astronomical costs of hiring an expert IT team might leave you in a cold sweat. A Managed VPS plan will save you those costs and guarantee patches and updates, preventative maintenance, backups, data recovery, migration services etc. Everything you need to ensure your data is safe and fully monitored 24/7/365.

        Downtime and poor service is a hosting horror story that is passed on from customer to customer, it seems to be a recurring tale that never dies. Don’t be another ghost in a graveyard of unhappy customers… take action, while you still can! Do some homework, ask the right questions from your host and ask yourself this question: If downtime strikes in the middle of the night, will I be safe from its doom? Put your guards up by investing in reliable solutions that will keep your data safe.

        Tell us your horror story and we’ll work to make sure nothing else goes bump in the night!

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